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A question of philosophy

By GKFX Team  |  05/07/2018 08:21

The fundamental question we need to answer every time we assess a potential trading opportunity is whether or not it is viable.

How we answer this question is going to vary depending on the tools we use to assess the trade. There are thousands of different variables that traders can choose from and combine into a trading strategy. But broadly speaking, there are two different schools of thought when it comes to analysing the markets: Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis. Most traders will us one approach or the other. Very few will use a combination of the two.

Fundamental Analysis is focused on evaluating the intrinsic value of an instrument by using the financial and economic data available. A fundamental trader will be concerned with interest rates, GDP, employment figures and other data. If evaluating a stock they will look at balance sheets and income statements to take a view on whether that stock is under- or over-valued.  A fundamental trader will be assessing industry trends, the performance of competitors, and any piece of information that will allow them to make a future forecast on the company’s performance.

Technical traders, on the other hand, will be much more focused on what the charts are telling them. The basic premise of technical trading is that the sum of all information known about a particular instrument is reflected in what the price is at in the moment in time being examined. 

We can use technical analysis to identify repeatable patterns of market behavior. Using tools such as trend analysis, and support and resistance levels, technical traders will take a view on where price will go next. There are a variety of different approaches to technical analysis. Some will trade “naked” price action, just using price itself, but most will add at least some indicators to help support the decision-making process. 

Most traders will fall very clearly into either the fundamental or technical school, often taking the view that the other philosophy “doesn’t work”. However, both approaches work. The most important consideration is to identify the approach that suits you best.

I find that technical trading gives the best view of what’s actually happening right now, whereas fundamentals will tell you what should be happening - ie, what may come to pass in the long term.

If you are one of the rare individuals that analyses the markets both technically and fundamentally, then there really is no reason why these approaches should be mutually exclusive. Using fundamentals to determine an instrument’s longer-term direction, and technical tools to time an entry, can be a powerful combination.
Any information, analysis, opinion, commentary or research-based material on this page is for information purposes only and is not, in any circumstances, intended to be an offer of, or solicitation for, a transaction in any financial instrument. No representation or warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. Any person acting on it does so entirely at their own risk and GKFX accepts no responsibility for any adverse trading decisions. You should seek independent advice if you do not understand the associated risks.


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  • Key financial events likely to create Forex options?
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  • FTSE100 Continues Big Swings
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    The FTSE100 is the key index for big moves and key opportunities as North Korea tensions and Brexit negotiations weigh on the index.

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  • FTSE 100 Reacts to Draghi’s Dovish Press Conference
    By GKFX Team  |  21/07/2017 08:14

    A brief rundown of the Equity market's response to yesterday's ECB press conference.

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  • UK Inflation Data Drops to 2.6%
    By GKFX Team  |  18/07/2017 10:41

    UK CPI has come out lower than expectations at 2.6%, however staying at its high level but dropping below the BoE prediction for 2017 at 2.7%.

  • Top 3 Things to Watch in the Market on Tuesday 18/07/2017
    By GKFX Team  |  17/07/2017 15:40

    Read the Market Insight daily roundup of what to look out for in tomorrow's markets. Today: Earnings, UK CPI and Gold.

  • Next Week's Market Movers
    By GKFX Team  |  14/07/2017 15:42

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  • Daily Market Analysis 13/07/2017
    By GKFX Team  |  13/07/2017 15:31

    Read about Thursday and Friday's major market-moving events and data releases.

  • Yellen Testimony Pushes Equities Higher
    By GKFX Team  |  13/07/2017 08:58

    Fed Chair Janet Yellen has given her first day of testimony to Congress and caused the equity markets to jump to yet more record highs as she hinted that rate hikes would now be more gradual.

  • Yellen Testimony, Oil Moves and Trump Jr
    By GKFX Team  |  12/07/2017 07:59

    It was a mixed session yesterday in Europe and on Wall Street as news broke of an email conversation between Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer claiming to have information about Hilary Clinton.

  • Data Light As Markets Focus On Yellen Testimony
    By GKFX Team  |  11/07/2017 08:38

    Yet again the calendar is looking a little quiet with a lack of macroeconomic data due for release, so with that in mind, it is a case of early focus shifting to Janet Yellen’s testimony on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Technical Overview
    By GKFX Team  |  10/07/2017 14:59

    A technical overview of some of the major currency pairs, what are the major movers and where are the major levels?

  • USDJPY Closely Watched On It's Weekly Close
    By GKFX Team  |  06/07/2017 14:39

    USDJPY is eyed on the weekly close due to the importance of the 113.40 level, but with the NFP risk there is a potential for big swings either way.

  • AUDNZD Lower As GDT And RBA Disappoint
    By GKFX Team  |  04/07/2017 12:01

    There is a time and place to talk global milk prices and that's when discussing the Kiwi and more specifically the AUDNZD pair.

  • Gold Prices Drop To Test Key Level
    By GKFX Team  |  03/07/2017 13:21

    Gold prices have continued their hard sell off to post an attempted break of the downside trendline coming in at $1234.

  • Next Week's Market Movers
    By GKFX Team  |  30/06/2017 09:49

    Get ahead of the curve with an overview of the upcoming week's market-moving data releases.

  • EURUSD Jumps Higher On Draghi Comments
    By GKFX Team  |  27/06/2017 09:22

    Mario Draghi kicked today’s European session off with some much-needed movements on EURUSD.

  • Next Week's Market Movers
    By GKFX Team  |  23/06/2017 14:40

    An overview of the coming week's market moving data releases, affecting the EUR, USD and CNY.

  • Political Uncertainty Dragging On Sterling Pairs Despite Queen's Speech Jump
    By GKFX Team  |  21/06/2017 11:18

    The widely-publicised political turmoil in the UK is causing major upset for the pound, impacting all Sterling pairs and with many trading through big technical levels.

  • Sterling Extends Downside
    By GKFX Team  |  20/06/2017 16:49

    Sterling has fallen further in response to recent headlines stating that talks were not going smoothly came from sources close to the DUP/Tory discussions.

  • Oil Prices Drop To A Seven Month Low
    By GKFX Team  |  20/06/2017 11:11

    The oil markets plummeted this Tuesday morning, with the sudden drop being influenced by Libya pumping its highest yield in 4 years.

  • Carney Against BoE Rate Hike
    By GKFX Team  |  20/06/2017 08:16

    Mark Carney has finally given us what we wanted to hear, however, it does paint a very bleak picture of the UK economy in a time when the country is in political turmoil and staring down the barrel of the unknown.

  • Markets waiting for last week's data to clear
    By GKFX Team  |  19/06/2017 09:13

    After a very busy week last week data seems light for the session, and for the week, however, Asian markets will take centre stage as we move through the trading week.

  • BoE Vote Heightens Rate Hike Talk
    By GKFX Team  |  16/06/2017 08:44

    The Bank of England has been keen to get rates moving for a number of months maybe even over a year.

  • The Fed Hike Rates As They Set Out Plan For Unwinding Of The Balance Sheet
    By GKFX Team  |  15/06/2017 08:53

    The Fed raised interest rates on Wednesday as expected for the 4 time since 2015, and the second time in three months, in line with the prior interest probability gauges.

  • Will The Fed Talk More About Balance Sheet As It Raises Rates
    By GKFX Team  |  14/06/2017 11:54

    When we finally get the Fed rate decision later this evening we could well be in line for some fireworks as rumours are starting to surface that we may well not see any more hikes in 2017 like we had previously expected.

  • Nasdaq Sell Off, Will It Continue?
    By GKFX Team  |  13/06/2017 12:22

    The Nasdaq is currently a big discussion point away from the other major markets as it becomes the first of the major markets to break the trend and fall aggressively.

  • A Hung Parliament, May in Trouble and Brexit Plans in Tatters
    By GKFX Team  |  09/06/2017 06:50

    It's a hung parliament and Theresa May has made one of the worst decisions in UK political history when she called a snap election while she sat on a 22 point lead in the polls and a 33 seat majority in parliament.

  • Exit Poll Predicts Tory Win But With No Majority
    By GKFX Team  |  08/06/2017 23:05

    The UK exit poll has shown that the Conservative party will be the biggest party but they will fall short of a majority.

  • UK Election - Britain Decides, Corbyn or May? Labour or Conservative
    By GKFX Team  |  06/06/2017 15:51

    This week sees some major events including the UK General Election, which has taken an ugly turn between the Conservative and Labour parties, and the polls show its too close to call.

  • US markets showing no sign of Trump Slump as the President tours the Middle East
    By GKFX Team  |  23/05/2017 14:47

    The Dow Jones managed to recoup some of its losses from last week's White House turmoil, calling into question original concerns as President Trump now blazes his way across the Middle East.

  • Gold up as the safe haven option amid White House turmoil
    By GKFX Team  |  18/05/2017 14:53

    The White House has been in the news far too often in the first 100 days of President Trump's presidency, however, the news flow of the last week has done nothing to give anyone any confidence.

  • Scandal In The White House
    By GKFX Team  |  17/05/2017 08:59

    It's turning into another tumultuous week for President Trump and his new administration after last week's firing of FBI director Comey grabbed the headlines.

  • Saudi Arabia and Russia Agree to Extended Output Cut
    By GKFX Team  |  15/05/2017 09:01

    There has been a lot of talking around the issue but finally, it seems that Saudi Arabia and Russia have agreed on an output cut, news that has helped WTI to jump back above $49 again this morning.

  • Sterling Falls on BOE Report
    By GKFX Team  |  11/05/2017 14:16

    It was another largely unremarkable overnight session, with volatility at a premium.

  • The Euro Shrugs Off The New French President
    By GKFX Team  |  09/05/2017 10:06

    Macron 66.1% Le Pen 33.9% Emmanuel Macron is France’s new president after convincingly beating the National Front candidate Marine Le Pen in the second round run-off.

  • NYSEinstein Trading Series
    By GKFX Team  |  05/05/2017 09:55

    Meet the NYSE's most photographed trader and our Chief Market Analyst James Hughes talking about the markets in our NYSEinstein Trading Series.

  • Macron and Le Pen Fight It Out One Last Time
    By GKFX Team  |  04/05/2017 09:59

    In the final televised debate between both French Presidential hopes, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen feathers flew as the two traded blows over a number of topics, in what was a fiery debate.

  • Markets Quiet Ahead of FOMC
    By GKFX Team  |  03/05/2017 13:38

    The Dollar is marginally stronger than where we left it last night, with the DXY popping back above 99.000 in overnight trade, but the movement has been hard to find, as the market awaits the FOMC.

  • FX Market Run Down
    By GKFX Team  |  02/05/2017 15:37

    The unwinding of Yen longs continued in earnest overnight despite a small narrowing of the Macron lead over Le Pen to 60/40.

  • ECB Not Looking To Change Statement
    By GKFX Team  |  27/04/2017 11:44

    As suspected, President Trump and Treasury Secretary Mnuchin offered few new details on the ambitious tax plans and how they would be financed last night it didn’t stop markets trying to react.

  • Trump Ready For Tax Plan
    By GKFX Team  |  26/04/2017 10:14

    The tax announcement from the White House is long overdue and has been one of the major reasons for such a strong rally in equity indices over the last few months.

  • The French Election Result - Macron vs Le Pen
    By GKFX Team  |  24/04/2017 09:23

    The results of the first round of France’s election should allow the investment industry to assume that – in all probability – the next President of the French Republic will be Emmanuel Macron.

  • The Runners and Riders in the French Election
    By GKFX Team  |  21/04/2017 09:39

    With the first round of voting in the French Election happening on Sunday we take a look at the 4 front runners. Recent polls put these four candidates within the margin of error.

  • Election Jitters Drags The CAC40 Lower
    By GKFX Team  |  20/04/2017 13:01

    This weekend, France will begin the process of selecting its next president. Sunday's vote is one of the several major elections in Western Europe this year.

  • UK PM May Announces a Snap General Election For June 8th
    By GKFX Team  |  18/04/2017 10:39

    Cable jumps around as the PM announces a snap general election for the UK on June 8th.

  • Sterling Break Ahead of Payrolls
    By GKFX Team  |  07/04/2017 11:34

    This morning's UK data has seen Cable break out of the midterm triangle formation that has been in play for the last couple of days.

  • Strong ADP Pushes US Dollar Higher Ahead of FOMC Minutes
    By GKFX Team  |  05/04/2017 12:58

    A strong ADP payroll number for March has led equity markets and the US dollar higher in the last few hours as Gold started to sell off.

  • Gold Looks to break resistance
    By GKFX Team  |  03/04/2017 08:56

    Gold prices have seen some big swings in the last week, following the move in the US dollar.

  • The Russia Headlines Won't Disappear for Troubled Trump
    By GKFX Team  |  28/03/2017 09:36

    The Russia story refuses to go away for President Trump, this time with rumours circulating that the President’s son in law Jared Kushner met with senior board members of a Russian bank.

  • The Pound and Article 50
    By GKFX Team  |  27/03/2017 12:28

    This week is looking fairly quiet on the economic calendar, however, the trigger of Article 50 is likely to take the majority of the headlines as we approach Wednesday.

  • DAX Looks To Retest Broken Trendline
    By GKFX Team  |  24/03/2017 11:34

    Much like other major stock markets this week, the Dax has seen some big levels on the downside broken that has led to a reevaluation of long positions that have been in place for a number of months.

  • Brexit Headlines Help Sterling Higher
    By GKFX Team  |  22/03/2017 12:19

    With Brexit fast approaching, sterling is likely to be very much in focus over the next few weeks and months.

  • EURUSD Looks To Test 2017 Highs
    By GKFX Team  |  21/03/2017 10:30

    With the G20 from the weekend still ringing in many people's ears and the lack of ground given by the Steve Mnuchin, it’s no doubt that markets have been volatile around some of the headlines.

  • Gold Continues in Trend After Testing Upside
    By GKFX Team  |  14/03/2017 11:04

    Gold prices have been struggling to recover after a brief jump back to test the downside trendline.

  • Sterling In Focus As Article 50 Could Be On The Horizon
    By GKFX Team  |  13/03/2017 10:02

    Sterling and the UK is going to be very much in focus today after rumours started to circulate that PM Theresa May could trigger Article 50 as soon as Tuesday.

  • Rate Hike Nailed On? Solid Jobs Report Pushes Up Probability
    By GKFX Team  |  10/03/2017 15:07

    A Solid jobs report has seen has now more or less nailed on a Fed rate hike for next Wednesday at the FOMC, if it hadn’t been nailed on beforehand.

  • WTI Oil Falls Heavily, How Much Further Will It Go?
    By GKFX Team  |  09/03/2017 13:05

    Oil Prices have fallen off a cliff first thing this morning and have broken below both the $50, $49 levels.

  • Do The Markets Care About The Budget?
    By GKFX Team  |  08/03/2017 10:02

    It's budget day in the UK so we can expect both the FTSE100 and Sterling to be in focus as the chancellor of the exchequer gets up for his speech to parliament at 1230 this afternoon.

  • Gold Approaches Key SMA Levels
    By GKFX Team  |  07/03/2017 14:05

    Gold prices have broken below the downside level at 1222and are heading to test the lows at 1216 and 1214.

  • EURUSD Searching For New Focus
    By GKFX Team  |  06/03/2017 10:21

    EURUSD has had a choppy start to the trading week as the markets look to get their teeth into a new story after the probability of a Fed interest rate hike jumped to 85%.

  • US Markets Break the Winning Streak
    By GKFX Team  |  03/03/2017 10:07

    Markets have yet again had a mixed week with US equities rallying to help the Dow post 10 consecutive record closes for the first time in 31 years

  • Trumps Biggest Speech Yet
    By GKFX Team  |  01/03/2017 09:05

    Last night’s speech by Donald Trump at a joint session of congress was his biggest and most important speech to date, but from a market point of view, it was a damp squib.

  • Trumps Budget and Market Moves
    By GKFX Team  |  27/02/2017 09:41

    Friday finally saw the US equities recover from a poor start that saw the major indices over 1% lower on the open.

  • Oil Prices Surge, Testing 2 Year High
    By GKFX Team  |  21/02/2017 11:37

    WTI and Brent crude oil have both risen over 1% in today’s trading session.

  • Is Gold Where the Safe Money is?
    By GKFX Team  |  17/02/2017 12:50

    Gold prices have had another pivotal week with big swings yet again as the US dollar continued its Jekyll and Hyde performance.

  • US Indices Continue to Smash Records
    By GKFX Team  |  16/02/2017 09:37

    US equity markets have hit all-time highs yet again as the relentless march higher shows no signs of slowing down.

  • EURGBP a good alternative if the US dollar and Donald Trump are becoming too much
    By GKFX Team  |  16/02/2017 09:12

    EURGBP is a pair that obviously gets away from the volatility of the US dollar, but it currently is seeing swings of its own around big levels on the daily chart

  • EURUSD falls during Yellen hearing
    By GKFX Team  |  14/02/2017 18:13

    EURUSD has fallen sharply after the first day of testimony from Fed Chair Janet Yellen, as her comments helped to lift the US dollar further and send EURUSD to its lowest levels for a month.

  • Where is EURUSD going?
    By GKFX Team  |  13/02/2017 10:53

    ​EURUSD is trading higher towards the upper end of the trend of the daily range on the 15 minute chart, and has yet again failed at the higher level close to the downside trendline at 1.0660.

  • How Far Can Gold Go?
    By GKFX Team  |  08/02/2017 13:58

    Gold has been the stand out performer over the last 7 days with the relentless march higher happening as the rally in US equities starts to stall somewhat.

  • Greece, French Politics and Dollar Moves
    By GKFX Team  |  08/02/2017 08:59

    With no first tier economic data out of Europe and North America, EURUSD direction will be dictated by political developments.

  • What should we expect from the Fed?
    By GKFX Team  |  01/02/2017 14:10

    This week's FOMC meeting should largely be a quiet affair, with only modest adjustments to the outlook for the markets, and the economy as a whole.

  • 3 Important points from last week
    By GKFX Team  |  27/01/2017 12:16

    Last week was an incredibly busy one, that despite the lack of economic data saw markets take out big final technical and psychological levels.

  • Hard Brexit - Article 50 must be voted for by MP's
    By GKFX Team  |  24/01/2017 13:15

    The Brexit high court ruling is the biggest story of today’s European session as the markets gets set for yet more volatility around the trigger of article 50.

  • GBPUSD extends gains
    By GKFX Team  |  23/01/2017 13:08

    Dollar weakness has yet again been the catalyst for some aggressive upside in many of its major counterparts.

  • Trump and the US Dollar
    By GKFX Team  |  23/01/2017 09:15

    The U.S. currency climbed 1.5% versus Yen right after the FBI stated that they will be sticking by the conclusions of the original probe in July.

  • The World’s Biggest Gold Producers and the Effect of Gold in Economics
    By GKFX Team  |  20/01/2017 13:59

    Gold is known as the symbol of power since the industrial revolution and the development in global trade.

  • Another Day of Brexit and Trump
    By GKFX Team  |  20/01/2017 10:53

    UK Prime Minister Theresa May yesterday repeated her speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

  • Trump Inauguration on the horizon
    By GKFX Team  |  19/01/2017 12:17

    It’s the Trump Dump that is now dominating markets into Friday’s session after the President Elect’s news conference caused the US dollar to finally unwind.

  • UK Unemployment Keeps Sterling in Focus
    By GKFX Team  |  18/01/2017 11:39

    Sterling is in focus yet again this morning as we look to UK unemployment as the headline figure first thing.

  • Cable gaps and EURUSD drops
    By GKFX Team  |  16/01/2017 11:24

    A look at this mornings moves on the US dollar.

  • Hard Brexit rumours plunge the pound lower on US holiday
    By GKFX Team  |  16/01/2017 09:26

    Rumours around Theresa May’s speech on Tuesday have got markets moving first thing on Monday morning, as expectations grow that we could see signs of a concrete plan from the Prime Minister.

  • Trump news conference takes centre stage
    By GKFX Team  |  11/01/2017 08:55

    The long awaited Donald Trump news conference will be held later this afternoon as he yet again fights fires, this time with new reports that Russia has damaging material on him.

  • USDCNH looks to break upside targets
    By GKFX Team  |  10/01/2017 12:32

    It’s a week that is dominated by news out of Asia and especially China as trade balance and import and export numbers are all released this week.

  • Chinese Data Continues to Improve
    By GKFX Team  |  10/01/2017 11:11

    Chinese inflation data pushed higher in December according to readings released overnight.

  • Donald Trump headlines the week, as speeches dominate
    By GKFX Team  |  09/01/2017 10:21

    Global markets could well be focussed on Donald Trump’s speech on Wednesday as the economic calendar looks a little light of any key data until the end of this week.

  • A strong jobs report despite weaker headline numbers
    By GKFX Team  |  06/01/2017 13:55

    The non-farm payroll and jobs report numbers have shown a slightly weaker number, but the overall employment picture in the US has improved in December.

  • US Dollar plunges in afternoon session
    By GKFX Team  |  05/01/2017 17:14

    The greenback has fallen off a cliff this afternoon and has led to new highs for the week and in some cases longer for EURUSD, cable and lows for USDJPY.

  • Heavy data to end the week after Fed meeting minutes
    By GKFX Team  |  05/01/2017 09:49

    A busy day is expected across the board today as data due yesterday out of the US gets its releases today after the extended holiday.

  • Oil prices starting to range
    By GKFX Team  |  04/01/2017 12:14

    Oil has range traded but not before making new highs and then falling to test the 23.6% fibb retracement level.

  • Markets sell off across the board
    By GKFX Team  |  03/01/2017 17:28

    Aggressive sell off across the board this afternoon as markets suddenly remember its not Christmas anymore.

  • EURUSD heads for 2016 lows
    By GKFX Team  |  03/01/2017 12:35

    EURUSD is quickly marching towards the lows for 2016 as the start of the year shows us that the same old US dollar strength story is continuing to dominate.

  • Positive start to 2017 for equity markets
    By GKFX Team  |  03/01/2017 09:34

    European markets are ready to kick start 2017 with gains as we have opened up well into positive territory first thing this morning.

  • A review of 2016 and what to expect in 2017
    By GKFX Team  |  21/12/2016 16:24

    After what has been one of the most volatile years in recent memory, 2017 could well be about to follow in its footsteps.

  • Gold Death Cross
    By GKFX Team  |  19/12/2016 09:50

    As the volume dies away this week we could well be looking at the formation of a new downtrend on the Gold price as the death cross has started to form on the daily chart.

  • Data Releases for Next week
    By GKFX Team  |  16/12/2016 16:38

    Volume will likely drop over the next 7 days as we approach Christmas, and with very little on the economic calendar for next week it could be one that lacks volume but volatility goes through the roof.

  • The Fed finally raises rates
    By GKFX Team  |  15/12/2016 10:22

    The Fed acted to raise interest rates at yesterday’s FOMC by 0.25% to leave the base rate at 0.75%.

  • UK Jobless sees improvement
    By GKFX Team  |  14/12/2016 11:54

    UK unemployment numbers came in better than expected as the UK continues its economic push and continued growth.

  • Non OPEC deal set to dominate quiet session
    By GKFX Team  |  12/12/2016 09:00

    Oil prices have surged on the open after a deal was secured by non OPEC members to cut output, the deal follows on from the deal made by OPEC members at the start of December.

  • EURUSD Fails at 38.2% Fibb
    By GKFX Team  |  08/12/2016 11:42

    EURUSD has failed at the 38.2% fibb retracement line as we approach the key level which is trading at 1.0810, the line also coincides with the 200 period moving average and is currently working to cap any rallies on the upside.

  • Gold fights weekly 61.8% level
    By GKFX Team  |  07/12/2016 09:57

    After breaking the key downside level over the last few days Gold prices are now fighting to stay above the 61.8% retracement level on the weekly chart.

  • Renzi leaves as Italy votes NO
    By GKFX Team  |  05/12/2016 10:10

    The Italian referendum is the major story that will dominate market moves throughout Monday’s trading session after Prime Minister Matteo Renzi left his position after a bruising defeat.

  • USDJPY continuation facing big hurdle
    By GKFX Team  |  01/12/2016 15:02

    USDJPY has been pushing higher aggressively for the last 4 weeks, but now approaches one of its toughest hurdles on the upside.

  • Gold breaks key downside level
    By GKFX Team  |  01/12/2016 10:18

    Gold prices have broken down below the key downside level at $1171 on US dollar gains.

  • OPEC agrees first output cut in 8 years
    By GKFX Team  |  30/11/2016 15:21

    It seems that after a day of rumours out of Vienna and big swings on the WTI oil price we may finally have a deal from the OPEC meeting.

  • OPEC and Stress Tests Dominate
    By GKFX Team  |  30/11/2016 10:03

    Taxpayer owned Royal Bank of Scotland has failed the BoE stress tests put in place to decide whether UK banks are significantly well placed to avert another crisis should one occur.

  • EURUSD Head and Shoulders
    By GKFX Team  |  29/11/2016 09:41

    With some key data coming up and the continued US dollar strength we will look towards this formation as it continues its formation.

  • Autumn Statement sees Hammond predict slower growth
    By GKFX Team  |  23/11/2016 14:17

    ​Well the autumn statement was very much as expected, revisions lower of GDP and a revision higher of inflation as the UK economy continues to grow and continues to perform well.

  • What can we expect from the Autumn Statement?
    By GKFX Team  |  23/11/2016 10:01

    This afternoon Phillip Hammond will give his first parliamentary address as Chancellor of the Exchequer, and more importantly the first address since the EU referendum result.

  • Quiet calendar means Trump takes centre stage
    By GKFX Team  |  22/11/2016 10:16

    Markets are being driven by more record highs on Wall Street as the helping Asian markets to perform well last night, despite an earthquake in Japan.

  • UK Retail Sales Post Strong Reading
    By GKFX Team  |  17/11/2016 11:48

    This morning’s retail sales numbers have shown a strong increase from the previous month as the UK economy continues to show a strong recovery despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

  • UK unemployment dips lower to 4.8%
    By GKFX Team  |  16/11/2016 11:19

    UK unemployment has come in better than expected and will be hailed as another example of Brexit being good for Britain.

  • UK CPI misses expectations
    By GKFX Team  |  15/11/2016 09:46

    CPI readings out of the UK have come in at the lower than expected despite the lower pound post Brexit causing fears over rising inflation levels.

  • Calm collected Trump helps to keep markets positive
    By GKFX Team  |  14/11/2016 09:54

    It’s been a weekend that would have left many traders licking their wounds after last week’s market moves on the back of Donald Trump’s Presidential election win.

  • Trump Rally enters day 3
    By GKFX Team  |  11/11/2016 10:45

    Europe is yet again higher this morning as the Trump rally continues at haste with financial stocks yet again taking the lead.

  • Markets still higher as the world reacts to Trump
    By GKFX Team  |  10/11/2016 09:11

    Markets in Europe are climbing higher yet again today after a sensational recovery yesterday on the back of the shock win for Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election.

  • Donald J Trump the 45th President of the United States of America
    By GKFX Team  |  09/11/2016 11:32

    So after all the posturing and insults, degradation and investigations the race has been run the polls counted and Donald J Trump is the 45th President of the United States.

  • Finally America Decides
    By GKFX Team  |  08/11/2016 09:34

    Its finally Election day in the US, where either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump (possibly the two worst candidates ever) will be announced President of the United States.

  • UK GDP beats expectations
    By GKFX Team  |  28/10/2016 11:29

    UK GDP readings have shown better than expected growth in the third quarter of 2016, despite the EU referendum. Many will try and say that this shows signs of Brexit boom rather than Brexit bust, but personally I don't think so.

  • ECB highlights December and US dollar hits oil
    By GKFX Team  |  21/10/2016 08:20

    The ECB and oil prices are of course the major focus as the busy week draws to a close.

  • 'Stranger Things' have happened as Netflix reports
    By GKFX Team  |  20/10/2016 10:30

    Those struggling with the long term value of holding onto Netflix will be closely watching earnings set to be reported after market close.

  • Market Open - Fed and Riksbank dominate early trade
    By GKFX Team  |  11/02/2016 11:17

    Markets feeling the pain yet again as the Fed and Riksbank drag on global markets, as oil drops below $30

  • Non -farm Payroll
    By GKFX Team  |  05/02/2016 09:38

    Non -farm Payroll

  • Market Open - Oil hits BP profits and global markets
    By GKFX Team  |  02/02/2016 10:16

    Oil is yet again the one pulling the rug out from underneath global markets today.

  • Market Open - Oil and China lower = Europe lower
    By GKFX Team  |  26/01/2016 09:52

    Oil prices yet again dominate the markets, but this weeks FOMC could give us something else to focus on tomorrow.

  • Market Open - Markets up then down as oil swings dominat
    By GKFX Team  |  25/01/2016 11:10

    Markets are yet again dominated by the swings in oil prices as European markets start positive, but dip lower as oil falls.

  • Market Open - Wall Street swings help Europe despite Asian falls
    By GKFX Team  |  21/01/2016 11:24

    A late rally in the US helps to preserve the dignity of European markets as markets opened this morning

  • Market Open - Fear returns markets tumble again
    By GKFX Team  |  20/01/2016 09:24

    The positive moves from yesterday's session are wiped out early on as fear and panic return to markets as oil dips lower again.

  • Market Open - Weak Chinese data points to more stimulus
    By GKFX Team  |  19/01/2016 10:28

    Lower Chinese data unexpectedly raise markets as more stimulus is on the horizon from the PBOC.

  • Mid Session Update - Markets lacking direction as Oil sell off fear lingers
    By GKFX Team  |  18/01/2016 12:29

    Oil prices continue to struggle and with yet more oil about to flood the already over supplied market from Iran, then we could we in for yet more downside.

  • BOE Rates Unchanged vote 8-1
    By GKFX Team  |  14/01/2016 12:12

    The Bank of England leaves interest rates unchanged with the vote the same at 8-1

  • Mid Morning Update - Oil Oil and more Oil
    By GKFX Team  |  14/01/2016 11:53

    Oil prices yet again are nearing collapse, but with a short term reprise at $30 can we hold onto a level for once?

  • Mid Morning Update - UK data sees cable lower while equities keep an eye on oil
    By GKFX Team  |  12/01/2016 10:24

    European markets have started in positive fashion as retailers and positive moves in China set the market off on the right foot, trying to build on yesterday’s positive start.

  • Market Wrap - Oil Prices Break New Lows
    By GKFX Team  |  11/01/2016 16:55

    Oil Prices, Gold, EURUSD, GBPUSD and Equity markets have all managed to baffle investors during today’s session as the absurd start to the year for financial markets continued today

  • Mid Morning Update - Europe
    By GKFX Team  |  11/01/2016 14:49

    Markets push higher despite another 5% loss in China.

  • Mid Morning Update - European data can't lift the gloom
    By GKFX Team  |  07/01/2016 10:48

    Data out of Europe this morning failed to lift the gloom caused by the global market sell off. However with the US jobs report approaching tomorrow traders are starting to hope for a shot in the arm.

  • More of the same as Europe heads lower
    By GKFX Team  |  06/01/2016 11:42

    Currencies, equities and commodities are all moving today as the volatile start to the year continues, but its much of the same as the market awaits key data to come towards the end of the week.

  • Market Open - Europe Pushes Higher
    By GKFX Team  |  05/01/2016 09:23

    Chief Market Analyst James Hughes talks about the major factors moving markets so far this morning.

  • IFO and UK retail sales offer mixed results
    By GKFX Team  |  23/12/2015 16:15

    IFO and UK

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